Helping The others Realize The Advantages Of scientology beliefs about depression

I see Brian is pushing the “OT8 Lucifer Jesus pedophile” matter for all he’s value that has been reviewed below advert infinitum and advert nauseum as a completely faked and made up, perhaps even tongue-in-cheek, piece of nonsense.

It is a modern tweet that was despatched to me (I can not see Erika’s tweets since I am blocked, While I have never tried to tweet to her, Good friend her or perhaps point out her):

Sea Org users make forty cents an hour or so, In keeping with Ortega, who states, "I do not Consider there is certainly any way Tom Cruise is not really aware about that." In accordance with the film, they have "tricked out his cars and trucks and bikes" and hanger in Santa Monica, California, and installed the audiovisual gear at his residence.

I assumed LRH wasn’t dead, but just on Yet another world continuing his operate….so He's useless and resting in peace?

i don’t give credit rating to any guy, female, or some courses for everything optimistic in my life. i give God the praise and the glory. and if that makes some uncomfortable, sorry, that isn't my intention.

. After several years of performing the voice with the character Chef on “South Park,” he fell out with the exhibit and parted means with creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker after they did a satire episode that poked fun at Scientology, and he felt the episode was an illustration of intolerance and bigotry.

That is refreshing to determine. I don’t know Substantially about Scientology but I hardly ever listen to anything superior about it. But the truth in the subject is all the things has one thing unique that actually works for them. if it helps you can’t by way of tough periods and doesn’t hurt anyone then hey!! Not my work to judge!

The aim is not really nothing at all. The intention may be the neutralization of thoughts into an unbelievable condition of fulness of being. Causless wisdom and causless being/

Its a facinating list. I'm scientology beliefs about aliens sure I was suprised to fins COS promonatly in selected Black cities of LA n even in my country Ghana, so to find out this list at least softens my views about the COS a tad however, just a bit

First off this is simply not a religion, it’s a cult. It’s only recongized being a religion as a consequence of legal needs. If you are doing your research you much scientology beliefs when you die too would see why alot of those folks are not aside of the “religion” anymore.

Just remember the entire occasions when journalists would question a spokesperson for Scientologist or jus a Scientologist about OT3.

On her Myspace site (old school!), White even listed L. Ron Hubbard as amongst her “heroes.” Hubbard is not surprisingly a famed fiction writer scientology beliefs book and also the creator on the Church of Scientology. Certainly didn’t see that coming, but hey, if it really works for her, superior for her.

It seems that LRH may well have uncovered the way in which that the ancient overlords controlled humans and was working with their tech as his individual to regulate people. I always felt he was amazing, but not during the benign way that scientologists want to believe. When I checked out his picture I sensed..deceit. Many thanks for what you’re performing. They pressured me to join The ocean org 30 many years back.

I am glad you want your route penny. These conversations are under no circumstances about anybody’s right to believe or follow just about anything. But just as you have a ideal to believe that this world is usually a results of an electronic implant, we have a proper to obstacle that doctrine to be a delusional absurdity. And we also have a suitable to consider these doctrines risky and will be exposed therefore.

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